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My name is Corey Bower. I'm from the heart of Pennsylvania, just north of the capital (Harrisburg), in a small town called Halifax. I joined the military for two reasons. The first is because i felt it was my duty as a citizen to serve my country that secured the freedoms of my friends and family. My brother joined the army when i was in middle school, and as much as i hated to see my best friend go, it made me proud. This leads me to my second reason for enlisting in the military, because i admired what he'd done and I wanted to be just like him. Unfortunately I had to put my music aspirations on hold for this. My dad first started my passion of songwriting for me when i was barely old enough to wrap my fingers around a guitar neck. Ever since then, I've always spent my spare time playing my Taylor guitar and finding the right words to my own songs. I entertained my high school at talent shows, gigs, and graduations, and planned on packing up right after my senior year to head for Tennessee. Well, it never worked out that way, but thanks to my dad, I kept writing and looking for a way to showcase my music... even in BMT. Currently, I'm stationed at Langley AFB, Virginia. I read an article in an Air Force newspaper about this site. I checked it out and here I am now. All I'm looking for is people who share the same interest in my style of music, people who may be interested in combining songwriting efforts, or maybe some help in the music industry from someone who knows their way around it. Feel free to message or comment me! My recording equipment includes my most coveted possession, my Taylor acoustic/electric guitar, an Ovation acoustic/electric, an Ibanez Roadster Series II Electric guitar, a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, a Marshall combo amp, a Fender Twin amp, a Sure SM57 Microphone, an Apple computer, and Garageband. I have a huge collection of live equipment also... too much to mention. I think thats about it. Thanks for viewing my profile, and I hope you like what you hear!

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American Attitude

2013-02-05 11:08:06

Corey - we hope that your deployment is going well and wish you a safe return!

JoE SpeeD BanD :)

2012-10-06 16:28:49

OBITUARY Joe speed band was born Dec 25 2009 in the middle of the Iraq desert and died Oct sixth 2012. Joe speed left no family, friends or enemies behind. He always enjoyed writing and preforming his songs for those who would stop and listen. As there has never been any professional recording of the joe speed bands songs they died with him. His last words were HOPE IS THE FUEL FOR FAILURE!!!!!!

Randell and Schippers

2012-03-04 01:34:56

Hi Corey, Congratulations on your promotion!! Denny and Biddy


2012-03-02 20:59:21

Mr. Corey Kenneth Bower! I am so lucky to have you! I think you're on to something about releasing those new songs to the people! They're dying for something new from you. You're really coming a long way in all you do and I could not be more proud of you, sir. Keep up the good work, good music, and great service. You're a one in a million, and I thank God we found each other. I love you baby. :) mwuah!!


2012-03-01 09:25:07

Hello there! I just happened to be browsing the website and stumbled across your page. Gotta tell ya, I am completely diggin' your music. I can definitely relate to some of them, especially My Best Friend. Something about it just makes me think about how I really miss my own best friend! Truly, your words speak right to me and it isn't too often an artist has that power over me. Your words and tunes are completely outstanding! Keep up the good work. P.S. You're not half bad looking either ;)

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