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Soldier Hard


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JoE SpeeD BanD :)

2011-02-09 19:30:56

you guys have a great talent and nice to see you on the site

SoldierHard Supporter

2011-02-05 12:22:00

I'm following you all around cyberspace SoldierHard lol Thank You for all you do, SERVING OUR COUNTRY, BEING THE VOICE FOR OUR TROOPS, SUPPORTING OUR VETERANS, and SUPPORTING THE FAMILIES AS WELL!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!GOD BLESS YOU!!! Hugs, Laurel Smith


2011-01-26 11:58:17

U are the Voice!!! Thanks for helping us let the homeless Vets know they are NOT forgotten!


2011-01-26 11:55:45

LOVE IT MAN! thanks for the Voice for our fellow brother and sisters! see you in Houston Hoss. glad we could help out. www.theveteranssupport.org thanks for jumping through hoops for the VA to make the concert happen.

SABO/NSA Entertainment

2011-01-26 06:27:53

Reporting for duty Battle!

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United States

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Soldier Hard

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Vallejo California (ETS'd)

Randell and Schippers

Location :United States

Severe Tire Damage

Location :United States


Location :United States

Josh "Lunatik" Taylor

Location :United States


Location :United States

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