GI Jams Artists Joe Speed Band Featured on State of the Re:Union

About GI Jams:

GI JAMS is a new Nevada based multi-media company dedicated to providing musically talented men and women of our armed forces (active, reserve and retired – all branches, ranks and rates) the opportunity to achieve financial success and notoriety from their original music and performances. 100% of the profits go to artists.

We are a non-partisan project, with a broad music and entertainment scope that includes web, recording, TV and live performances and when additional opportunities can be provided, career direction for our participating service members and opportunities for world wide licensing and use of their music.
The web site provides the opportunity for our military musical artists to sign up(and have their own individual artist profile pages, for posting their songs, picture, bio and blogs) as well as GI Jams Supporters who can also sign up to communicate with, “Friend”, and support them and become fans of their favorite GI Jams artists.


 Click here to access the radio show in its entirety:

Joe Speed Band and GI Jams
Featured on “State of The Re:Union”
Nationally Syndicated NPR Radio Show 

We are very pleased that the producers of this show became
aware of the GI Jams Compilation Album and reached out
to us to include the Joe Speed Band and GI Jams in their
program’s Wyoming segment, airing on over 200 stations starting the week of 9.19.11.